Slip cast Porcelain

Porcelain polystyreneTest pieces for slip cast porcelain from polystyrene packaging


Percussive Excavation | 8 – 20 April 2018

Gallery shot

Percussive Excavation at the Doha Fire Station presents experimental works utilizing industrial processes, digital technologies and local resources. It is the outcome of a VCUArts Qatar Faculty Research Grant and features work from Thomas Modeen, Michael Perrone and Ben Barbour.


marble group web

Marble pieces developed from discarded polystyrene packaging, various dimensions, May 2017

JTG compiled grey

38 x 26 x 2.5 cm, white card, glue and spray paint

Three-dimensional study from Joaquin Torres-Garcia’s Pintura constructivista No. 8 (1938)

MiSK Art Festival, Saudi Arabia


4 – 7 April 2017

MISK Diplsay composite 2

Drawings and maquettes exhibited at MiSK Art Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia thanks to Curator Sa’id Costa, and ADD Enterprise. The festival aimed to support and promote the local Saudi art scene. Great experience to show alongside Rachel Gadstone, Zepha/ Vincent Abadie Hafez, Khalid Farhan, Heba Abed, Alke Reeh, Teresa Esteban Gomez, Rashad Alakbarov & Rovshan from YAY Gallery, Azerbaijan, the Tape Art Crew, and more…

MISK compositeDrawings, photos and renders from a 4-day workshop developing concept designs for public artwork with local participants from Riyadh, ages 15-30 yrs.

Shadow Intervention #1

Sketchbook and phoneTimed sketchbook drawing and mobile phone time-lapse video, 25 July ’16

A time-lapse video shot using an i-phone App recorded shadows moving across a blank wall in the early evening, whilst an observational drawing was produced simultaneously of the scene. The intention was to compare how the human eye sees, selects and records visual information differently to a camera.

The wall onto which shadows are cast is the west facade of the Mission Bay Parking structure at 450 South Street, San Francisco, owned by Alexandria Real Estate Equities, designed and constructed by WRNS and Overaa Construction, 2009. The structure has an abstract geometric stucco design on the south facade; perforated aluminum panels veil the north and east facade. The west facade has been left purposefully blank- a research centre is planned for the adjacent allotment, the construction of which would hide the existing wall.

shadow wall composite 2



hold 9 – 24 Apr ’16


NO FORMAT Gallery, Harrington Way, Woolwich, London SE18 5NR

A collaborative pilot exhibition examining contemporary migration of goods, ideas and people. Through drawing, print and sculptural installation, Barbour, Byers and Chiu narrate conflicts of identity within historical frameworks.